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Plannet “Mars” one of legendary red planet of ours solor systems. It is representation at 4 th plannet  at in ours solar systems. At in a mythological point of view this legendary plannet was the indicated War of God of “Roman” Emporium.Now at in present days ours scincetist and expertise has to operated  some satellites mission on the oasis of “Mars”.Those missions of satellites are sended some valuable information from “Mars” to “Earth” to fulfilleing ours quricity to knowledge of gethering.

There are some valuable information was sended from “Mars” to “Earth”,wich was detected as top 5 science discoveries with the help ours highlable scincetist organization team. There are as following below.

1) Capabilities on the ground level at in “Mars” a suitable home for life can be creating.Our scincetist and expertise has to declared that representation of “Living maicrobes” at in the “Ancient mars surfaces”,they has to gave more indicated that founded “Carbon”,”Hydrogen”,”Oxygen”,”Phosphorus”,”Sulfur” and so many living particals,wich was very necessarily required for a life.

2)Evidence of “Ancient  Strembed”and smooth rounded rocks wich was founded by quricity likely rolled downstream for at least a few miles looks likes at broken sidewalk.

3)Radiation could pose helth risk for humans. There are happed some harmfull radiation can be effecting for any life wich poseses at in the “Mars” surfaces .

4) Major diversity of envorments near the landing area.Ours scincetist did not expect the riches and diversity of soile and rock types at creter.Quricities founded gravels,streamed dippsosit,an unusual type of volcanic rock was founded at in the surfaces of “Mars”.

Those satellites wich was sended  from  “Earth” to “Mars” with the help of ours highleble scincetist organization, wich was sended some unexpected photo to earth scincetist,that to representation of “Exteriors” and “Alean” at in “Mars” surfaces. At in the above pictures was has to indicated that , same photo was  sended by ours satellites from “Mars” surface at in the years of 1976,1998 and 2001.This pictures was has to clicking so  many distance from “Mars” surfaces has to clear indicated that a humanoid rock representation at there.But ours scincetist and expertise has not gave any clear declaration of that.

Recently satellites has to sended some unexpected photo to ours Earth scincetist that water are exits on the surface of “Mars”.This discoveries was to very valuable and legendary for ours “Earth” scincetist. So has to indications that to possibility represantation living thing’s on the surfaces of “Mars”.

Our scincetist and expertise has to success to hidden so many valuable pictures,wich was sended form “Mars” to “Earth” through ours satellites.But they are trying to gethering more and more information through those satellites. Hope it will be possibilities  that man can staying or leaving on “Mars” surfaces at too features.


“Wormhole” is the terms of physics,it is a theoretical Passage use while very longer journey at in universe ,that it could be creating shortly.This “wormhole” concepts was has been flash out that the equation of “Einstein fieald equations”. As per declared to ours Sciencetist and extreperties a “Wormhole ” may be  possibilities to  creating at in a laboratory with the help of invisible magnetic fields.They has gave more explanation that, it has a tunnels of magnetic field which was   created at in universe while going a longer journey of there.

“Albert Einstein” has been invented 10 sor equation at in the year’s of  1915. Actually “Einstein field equation” was comparing of this 10 theory. This theory has been described that some point that writing bellowing.

1)As in above picture that , how to curvature changes from place to place as shown in above pictures that is indicating “Rab”.

2)As in  above picture that,difine how distance are calculated given the curvature ” R” at that point. That is indicating “1/2Rgab”.

3) As in above pictures that,tell us about the mass energy contains ; the source of the curvature is indicating “-8πTab”.

4)As in above pictures that,”Cosmological constant” opposing gravity that is indicating”^gab”.

And 1,2,3 and 4 together that,

Rab – 1/2Rgab = -8πTab + ^gab . 

This is the “Field equation” of “Einstein”.

A “wormhole” will be responsible for our features can be reaching very high respectable positions. Ours scincetist and expertise was declared some important features of a “wormhole” as  bellowing.

  • It can effected at general relativistic.
  • Speed of it is subliminal.
  • It has represent a special spaces time geometry.
  • It can be possibility to happening time travel at features.
  • It can be possibility to happening time travel at past.
  • It can be possibility to happening matter transporting.
  • It can be possibility to happening information ttransportating.
  • There are nothing possess any technical viable.
  • Possibility it has responsible to possess w/o exotic materials.
  • It has to representing very low inputs powers.

A “wormhole” will be representing very important part of ours too features. Ours scincetist and expertise is doing very sophisticate hardlaborious of this mistirous subjects is called “Wormhole”, to doing bright features of ours scince and technology. Hope it will have some possibilities to goal of there mission at too features.


Parallel worlds has to consecutive equally two world’s is moving around same and opposite directions to each other. One of the very common example of the parallels world is “Mirrors”. But some secret way are representation to contact consicutive two parallels world to each other,wich was presented near about very Prehistorical time.who and how to maded of the secret way that   Prehistorical time wich was unknowns of ours present science.

Now we disclosing some secret  way are presented at in world’s to going others parallels world scince near about Prehistorical time.That are we are disclosing as following below.


There are representated one of the “Getway ” of Sun temples at in “Tiwanaku” ,”Bolivia”  since near about “megalithic” time . Many people was given prayer near about this “Gate way” of sun temples to believed “They will going at others parallels world at too features”.


Others very mistirious “Getway” was presented at under “Stull cementry” of “Pennsylvania”. This mistirious “Getway” was too dangerous for humen cause of this t door can be open the way of hell. As per this way many demon,witch can be attack our humans civilizations.


Very mistirious “Getway” are representation at in “Ahuska cassle” near about 47 kilometers North of Prague, this place are indicate the country of “Czech Republic”. “Getway” was stable at in a dipper dig.As per evidence of peoples, this dipper dig is the way of hell under the last end of it. They disclosed it afert some examined. 


This “Gate way” was not found at all but “Semillian gate” has to be representations of the way of heaven. Ours expertises and scientists was not read those architectural indicated letters at in stone of the “Semillian Gate ” of “Iraqi” ,so way was not found .

 There are so many evidence and proved was presented although ours highleble Sciencetist team  has not believed it properly. Spiritual and Science was believed of  the “Gate way” of parallels universe has two different way ,One is fully believed and others fully avoid it respectively.Hope it will the possibilities sciencetist will fully believeing the “Get way” of parallels universe  and many mistry will be opening at too features.


The word of “Time machine” is a dreams words of ours Science.As per history of ours scientists was tryout this impossibles word has to converted as possible to maded to a real “Time machine”.With the help of this machine man can going to past and future of the worlds time.The world’s femons sciencetist Sir ” Albert Einstein ” was first declared the theory of that machine.He has been discussed that, the relationship of time and speed was exit’s,that while speed was increased that time was gradually reduced. So “Time is inversely proportional to speed”.

More details we can explanation a example that , Two children are presenting in earth surface and both children are same year’s old. But one is staying in earth surface and another one going to universe with the help of a spaceship. Spaceship was going near about speed of light one place to another place of universe. At in years of 68 of Earth children,that spaceship are coming from universe to earth. The result to compare those two children are, Earth children are coming at  old age but spaceship children are 3 to 4 years old from his previous age of Earth very mistiriously. 

Sir “Albert Eainstain” has to more invitation to discovered the “Speed of light theory” that is as following below,

Energy of to going speed of light are =E.

E= mc^2( “m” is the mass of the objects which going to speed of light and “c” is a constant of light that valu approximately 3×10^8 m/s).

Now the thinking of the morden Science on the basis “Eainstain” theory is ,ours sciencetist and extreperties called “It was the possibilities to madeing a  time machine at too features on the theory of light”.They told more that,while a objects was moving at near about speed of light on the similar way of earth rotationally directions,then objects will be going at too features of the earth or other hand objects was moving at opposite way of earth rotationally direction at the speed of light.At this case objects was gone too past of the earth.

But it was impossible for ours modern science ,case of we can’t not inventing the engine wich was take overs the speed of light.

Ours sciencetist and extreperties was trying to inventing such kind of time machine ,wich can capable to take over going too features and past of the earth. They can trying to fulfill of this dreams of ours Sciencetist godfathers wich was can be tryed out from too past.Hope they will  be inventing such kind of time machine wich can take over too past or futures.


Our sciencetist and extreperties want to more inventing and gathering knowledge about ancient time development science and technology, now the day.Now they has been little bit cleared that represented very advanced high-tech science and technology was established at that time.We are seeing some unknown inventions about developed at in time of ancient as bellowing.

As shown at in pictures above, we seeing portable steam engine that invented at in the time of ancient.This stem engine was worked on the theory of “Latent heat”.Step by step worked out of this portable steam engine as bellowing.

  • Water vaporized in the heated kettle .
  • Steam rises through tubes.
  • Steam was trying to want exhaust and try to come out through those directional nozzles.
  • Steam exhaust cause sphere to spin very high speed.

Others very powerful inventions of at in ancient times was ” Shadow clock”.It was invented at 3500 BCE at in time of ancient. The peoples of ancient use of it as shown as to viewed proper time through it. As per design egyptian sun dial clock it read positions of suns and can disclosed time by the help of suns.As shown in above picture shadow of the OBELISK was projected in-between DUSK to DRAWN,there are created some time scales in-between DUSK to DRAWN with the help of sun’s rays,observer can observer to reading particular time .

At in the above pictures,this device has to called “Blow shaped outflow water clock”. This device was represented at in “Egypt” and “Babylon” near about 16 the centuries BCE. Mistiriously they invested two types of water clock are there ,”Inflows water clock ” and “Outflow water clock”.

Others very mistirious inventions at in ancient was “Baghdad battery”. As per ours expertises this battery was near about 250 BCE old and it generated 1.5 to 2 volt electricity.It was found at in mistirious village cave of ” Khujut Rabu” near “Baghdad”. The worked principal of this battery was ,the liquids of acid was permits to flow of electrons from the copper  tubes to iron rod ,so metal terminals has been connected that case to flow of electrons.

Ours sciencetist and extreperties has to believed that representated high-tech science and technology at in the time of ancient.There are little bit knowledge are knowing to gethring about of ours sciencetist and extreperties to them.Hope believing that, it will be have some possibleties to knowing more thing about ancient science and technology with the help of ours sciencetist and extreperties at too features.


Ancient times of the world, are too many unknowns and mistirious from ours sciencetist and extreperties. There are so many unknown and unsolved objects was found at in ancient times with the help of ours expert archeological team.Some of expertise was given there declaration about ancient times technology wich was unsuspected,Some objects was very truly engineering shaped as well as materials (that is very accurate leavel and Right angles,very accurate angles both sides as per requirement and so on etc).At in the above pictures, those ancient times stone was shown, as like as a marking tables of machines shop.How to do maded they without any very high-tech tool’s and devices at very true engineering shap??

This is very accurately and true shaped hole is representation at in “Puma panku” area of in the worlds.Ours expertises  has to indicated that those hole  was created by as per drilling operation,but without very high-tech drilling machine and long shank suitable material drill ,how it has to possibleties?? In this proved has to indicated that very advance technologies was to represented at in the time of ancient time in the world’s.

Others one of examples on above pictures,ours archeological diperment was discovered a sand stones rock bed.But ours expertises has to declared that, this rock bed of sand stones was has to very accurate shape on engineering(looking like to maded of clean machine cutting technic).They confused to declared more ,this bed was mistiriously very accurate level ,right angles and machine cutting corners.

Above sandstone bloks was has to presenting at the place of “Puma panku”.This sand stones blocks has to be very accurate engineering shaped of letter H. Ours sciencetist and extreperties was has not any declarated that what purpose use of so many  sand stones blocks??

This roundical stand stones blocks was presenting at in “India” at in above pictures. Sand stones was cutting mistiriously very accurate machine shaped. Who use very high-tech machines at in  the “Ancient time”. More details of the above pictures ,a very accurate  sqar bar was cutting inside in the roundical stand stones.How can has to possibilities without high-tech machines??

Today ours sciencetist and extreperties was believed that of the advance technologies has been represented at in ancient times, This was virtually truth so, not required so many evidences and eyewitnesses. Hope it will be possibilities to improved two steap ahead to solving  “Mistries of ancient” and related at too features.


“Human gaints” a lost and mythological species of worlds . As per declaration of some  sciencetist and  expertises ,this gaints spices of humans was represented at the time of  Cryptozoological of worlds,but some of sciencetist and extreperties was truly believe the representation of “Humans gaints” still now.There are some of very few evidences and many eyewitnesses was to indicated that “Humans gaints” was totally exit’s to day .We have to seen some of proof that exit’s of “Humans gaints” as bellowing.

As per reports a 360 feet long “Gaint human” skeletons was discovered at in the year’s of 1885 from “Buried” city of “Nigeria”.But our sciencetist and extreperties was not to has given any real declaration about that.But some expertise has to be indicated that of hope it’s will be the possibilities this “Humans gaints” worked on the “Star” island and Pyramid at in “Ancient” time but in the absence of real proofs and evidences that they are confused there.

This above “Gaints humans” skeleton  was suddenly found at in “Mexico” city at in “Northern America” ,wich was Carbon dating 11000 years old.Ours sciencetist and extreperties was confused some questions there are as following.

Who were these Ancient?Did some some really have six toes?Were some related to the elongated skull people’s of Peru?As per counting near about 888 historical “Gaints human” skeletons discovered in “Northern America” collection in prints.

Others proved of a 200 millions years olds gaints footprints of  “South Affrica” represented the gaint are exit’s at in “Ancient” time .This footprints of gaints are staying at vertical way of a very old sandstone as shown in the picture.Ours expertise was measurements of this footprints dimensions is 4 feet approximately long.

Ours sciencetist and extreperties was try to solving the mistry of “Gaints humans” of the ancient time. If they will be solving of this  mistry, hope it will be the possibilities 2 step ahead of solving mistry of “Star island” and ” Pyramids of an ancient time”.Hope ours expertises and arcologist  will be find out more and more “Gaints humans” skeletons inside the earth near about too features, very rapidly.


Some of unknowns reasons has to never be flashedout some unknown and terrible inventions of science,wich was discovered by famous sciencetist of the worlds at in history. As per declaration of some expertise of world “It has been possibilities those  unknown inventions was to changed the the picture of world”. But our sciencetist and extreperties  will be trying to  possibilities to find out those reasons of not to be flashed out of inventions although they will trying to discover of those unknown inventions.

Some mistirious and unknown never be flashed out as bellowing them,


“Romke Jan Bernhard Sloot” was a very femons electronics engineer of “Duch”. At in 1995 he was suddenly discovered a ” Data compression technic ” after it was named to copy his named “Sloot Digital Coding System”, Through this coding system has to possibity  stored total a Hollywood’s flims at in 8 kilobits in memory chips. But before this is flash out , he become dead at mistiriously and suddenly in the year’s 1999 September of 11.The floppy disk was Disappear wich has stored there valuable inventions.


“Star lights metireals” was the materials,it has to be claimed that it will ability to standed to absoved insulated of trimoundoes heat. It was be the possibilities to never be effected also heat of nuclear reactors and extreme heat of 100000 degree centigrade .This mistirious inventions was done by “Hairdresser Maurice Ward” at in the year’s of 1933 to 2011.This inventions was very attracted by NASA.But nobody has knows how to maded of this “Starlight metireals” from ” Maurice Ward ” . So the technic was totally disappeared after death of “Maurice Ward”.


Death ray or death beam one of the very femons inventions past  in the of 1920 to 1930 .It has been a electromagnetic weapons or theoretical partical been ,wich was anyone afraid of this. This Inventions credits was gone to be those very world’s femons sciencetist “Guhlielne Marconi ” and “Nikola Tesla”.This weapons was so powerful that of destroyed near about 10,000 Aircraft at range of 250 miles. But is not take risks of costs to maded it. So this inventions was totally disappeared after death of ” Nikola Tesla “.


” Chronovisor machine ” was discovered by father “Brune Ernetti” .This 12 foot  machine has to dedicated very mistirious and lots time machine in the world. As per declared of father “Ernetti” through this machine we can see the past time of world. Father has to more described working functions of this machine that ” Luminous energy  and Sound was recorded by Atmosphere “, so this “Chronovisor machine” use to that energy to  converting viewing past.But lastly expertises team of that time has to destroyed of this “Chronovisor machine” suddenly and some unknown reasons.


“Clouds Buster” machine was one of the mistirious pseudoscintific  machine in the world wich was discovered by the femous phycologist ” Wilhelm Reich”at in years of 1897 to 1957.This machine can by happend clouds produced rains by manipulated of “Organ energy”, wich was already representative at atmosphere.In the morning 6 July 1953 ” Reich” was done the experiment on the “Clouds Buster” machin, Rain was falled that day at evening. But no one can belived this reality.After in the year’s of 1953 “Reich” was not use this machine because of FDA was arrested him to caused of fraud of this “Clouds Buster” machine. After he died at in jail.So no one can has to knowledge of this machine.


Some of expertise was called we lost very valuable inventions,that could be changed ours life style and life  profile for some negligence. Hope it will be the possibilities that those lost and valuable inventions was producing by ours sciencetist and extreperties at too features.


UFO was the other part of real life,some of peoples was truly believe and rest part of people was peoples are neglect for on the absences of strong evidence and proved. As per declaration of UFO sightings, it is a phenomenan of various parts of the worlds ,and representation to proveing that intelligent life is  exists on others plannet of the universe and those extraterrestrial is visiting ours earth at time to time.

As per  evidence and reports of many expertises it was  proved that the representation to linked out with our world from UFO and extraterrestrial at in time to time .Some examples are proved that it, 5000 years old cave of the “Sego Canyon” at in “America” was to proved that Alean are presented at that time. Others examples of 1000 years old rock painting at in “Chattishgar” at “Kankar ” districts of in “India”.There are so many proved are presenting to indicated that the representation of Alean and UFO at in historical time’s.

At in the year’s of 1950 centuries femons ” Soviet ” mathematicians “Mikhail Agrest”  has been decelerated that “Mayan” rockart at 7000 years old was clearly indicated a alean visitors wearing spacesuit and helmet ,and holding some high-tech devices.

Now we telling about real life  vission of UFO with some of true examples,evidence and eyewitnesses are giving below.

  • At in the years of 1985 in “Mexico” city UFO was suddenly created. The evidence of eyewitnesses 10,000 peoples are indicated approximately same description.
  • At in year of 20oo,7 August a Undefine flying objects was seeing of some expertise.
  • At in the year’s of  December 2017 a UFO was caught by camera by Department of defence of America.
  • At real site of Google earth so many  UFO was caught by camera but after some days they deleted it.
  • At in the years of 2017 a gaint UFO caught by camera on the base of “Canada”.
  • At in the date of 4-7-2016 a gaint UFO caught by camera wich was tryed to hide at clouds of ” China “.
  • Some of the places at ” India” has to present real life example of UFO and extraterrestrial.

There are too real  examples has to present about UFO and extraterrestrial.

Ours sciencetist and extreperties was confused about the how to visit extraterrestrial to his ship (UFO) to visit ours earth keeped to traveled so many lightyears distance ? How to advance there technologies  from ours?Hope it was have to possibilities one day the solving the mistry of UFO and extraterrestrial  at too features.


      World mistirious books are discovered suddenly by someone wich wrote at Past,wich was can’t read by our expertise and scientists. Some times they are totally confused by has not mentioned date,time,writer and many other valuable information.Those books was maybe be possibilities described some magical ,scintific and unknown description wich man can’t read now.Here we explained those worlds femous historical books which was unsolved by ours expertise and scientists as bellowing,


      The “Rippelx scroll book” one of the rear magic book wich was wrote by famous alchemists  and writer “Gorge Riplay”. This book was written by fully Codex and manuscript.As per indicated of some evidence this magic book has been represented the power of alivation of humans after death and given some information about those very rear alchemy  stone ,converting iron to stone to touch.


      The one of very mistirious world’s femons unknown books is “The Voinic Manuscript”. This Manu scripts was simply written by codex hand written in an unknown writing system. This unknown Manuscript has been Carbon dated early 15th centuries old. It was first published at in  “Italy”  sinces 1912 years old and composed by “Wilfrid Voynich” book publishers. Mistiriously all General things was to unknown,like Authors,Language, Script, Dedicated etc.Our sciencetist and extreperties has been unable to read of this manuscript now today.

        • THE BOOK OF SOYGA.

                   “The book of Soyaga” also a unknown and mistirious books of worlds.Other mistirious name of  this book was “Aldararaia Sive Soyaga Vocor” or “Soyga”. As per some expertise this books was written in the year’s of 16th centuries and it was apparently lost until but at in the year’s of 1994 it was found at “British” Library. This book was written at in “Latin” language and subject of this book was spells, angle and demeology.   


        • THE ROHON CODEX.

        “Rohon Codex”  other’s mistirious  manu scripts book ,wich has wrote by unknown author. As per expertise this mistirious books was written by unknown language and writing system. It was first flashed out at in “Hungary” of the early in 19 the centuries.As per our expertise indication that ,this mistirious manuscript was very similar at “Voinic scripts”.

        • CODEX GIGUS.

        ” Codex Gigus ” one of the gaint mistirious manuscript and it was has to femonsity at world. This manuscript near about 92 centimeters tall. It as known as Devil bibel because of full page described to portrait of devil.Nobody has not to described it’s origin.This book was to first flashed out of at in”Stockholm Sweden “.

        Our sciencetist and extreperties was has not declared full clear meaning of those most mistirious books of the world’s. More has to mistirious that they has not found author ,Language and other’s general mark out of those book. Hope has to possibilities they will solving the mystery of those unknown world’s femons book at too features.