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Worlds largest and mistirious  temple “Ankor wat” is present at North West “Cambodia”. As per believed that  it was maded on 800 to 1100 CE. It was an very old “Vishnu” temple. Generally “Ankor wat” was  at discovered, very olds  note of  famous freanch naturalist “Henry mouhot” since the years of 1860 and the published of this since 1863.

Coordinate Map location of “Ankor wat” is Latitudes  13 degrees 25′ 32.16″ and longitude 103 degrees 51′ 36″.This coordinate map  location goes to the country of “Cambodia”. 

There are 5 secrets of “Angkor  wat” temple are present as bellowing. 

  • One of the Big mandala : The layout of the “Angkor wat” Mirrors the Hindu cosmos it’s self and is one big sacred mandate. 
  • A Dark history : There  may be present a dark history of the “Ankor wat”  temple very similar to “Acaint” time mistry. Over 5 million sand stone was required to transport  upto 25 miles apart from temple. 
  • Temples make God or Gaint : On abrighter note, for many years  “Angkor wat” was completely isolated from the western world. 
  • Sacred meaning : On the origin of the temple laid in what may the worlds oldest religious text. 
  • It’s all about the details : Most mistirious things of the “Angkor wat” is the direction to the Wast. But other Angkoroan temples that face is East. 

Ours scientists and expertise have to try up to solving the mistry of “Angkor wat” temple.It was builted up 800 to 1100 CE, the time of “Acaint” Approximately, so mistry was not to very easy to solve. Hope they will have to possibilities to solving the mistry of “Angkor wat” at too features. 


    The “Shwedagon pagoda” one of the famous temple of world wich is staying at the famous city of “Myanmar” . Believed that of it was builted at 6th to 10th centuries AD with the help of “Mon” people. Others name of “Shwedagon pagoda” is “Shwedagon Zedi Daw”. At night it have broadcasting to looking very eyelashes gold. There are happening “Shwedagon pagoda festivals” of “Myanmar”. The dimensions of this temples is,  the Spheres height is 112.17 miter,the maximum  Original height is 105 miter. 

    Worlds Coordinate map location of “Shwedagon pagoda”  is representation at the latitude of 16 degrees 47′ 32.61″ North and 96 degrees 08′ 34.84″ East. at the city of “Myanmar” of the “Yangon”. 

    It’s main stupa alone is plated with nearly, 22,000 solid gold range from 9 to 60 tonnes. The “Shwedagon” is have to be great cone shapped.Buddhist moments that crowns a hill about one mile north of the cantoment. The pagoda itself is a solid brick of stupa (As per requary) that is completely covered with gold. The Architecturey  design of “Shwedagon pagoda” have to subdivision so many parts those are as following as shown in above pictures. 

    • (At the top) Dimond Bud. 
    • Umbrella crown. 
    • Banana But. 
    • Lotus Patals. 
    • Inverted Alms Bowl. 
    • Turban Band. 
    • Bell. 
    • Terraces. 

    Ours scientists and  Architectures  was so confused how to build “Shwedagon pagoda” temple of that time without any high-tech engineering tools and equipment. This is builted on proper sheep and design. Hope they will have to possibilities to solving the mistry “Shwedagon pagoda” temple at too features. 

    The city of “Myanmar” is world famous at now. There are so many tourists are coming regularly per day. There are so so many hotels and restaurants are representation of there. Hope this city will be getting more famousity at features. 


    “Delphi ” is a one of the famous and mythological please of the “Greece”. Believed of that the it is the center of “Earth” . It is known as “Oracle”  of the temple of “Apollo”. As per expertise and scientists hav e to believed that it was maded on the 4 th century B.C. But very mistiriously our scientists and expertise have unknown about it, what purpose of used  for “Delphi”  at near about 4th centuries B.C??

    The coordinate  location of “Delphi” are representation that 38 degree 28′ 56″ North, 22 degree 30′ 05″ East of “Greece”. Nearest please of the “Delphi” is “Meteora”, “Olympia”, “Athens”, “Kalambaka ” etc. 

    Ours scientists and expertise have unknown about  that, how to setup of to put on  the stone very accurate and  sequences way one by one,  without any hi-tech machine and equipment?? And what purpose they use of “Delphi” at that time??. More investigated that, one of the questions was created there, How three pillar was setup  very sequencely one by one , are they use rope and other old technic??.

    Some of evidence was to indicated that spiritual activities worked on represented at “Delphi” at that time. But our scientists and expertise have  to  denied of that. They want to asked the justication of science. But totally unknown of this mystery. Hope they will have to possibilities to solving the mistry “Delphi” at too features. 


    9000 years old “Dharika  Nagari” was found under  in the  Ocean wich was build up at “Lord Krishna”. Our scientists and expertise have to believed that the “Dharika Nagari” was to build up at “Acaint time”.One of the time  It was very sofisticated civilization at 9000 years old represented at” India “. But our scientists and expertise has not to be gave any real reason, to how “Dharika Nagari ” was found at in under water of Ocean. 

    The coordinator map location of “Dharika Nagari” was founded at 22″degrees 18′, 33.93″ North and 72 degree 8′, 10.4280″ East  at “Gujarat ” at contry of “India” . 

    After war of 36 years at “Maha bharat”,  “Dharika Nagari ” was went to underwater of “Arabian ocean”. All inhabitants of “Dharika Nagari” was died from went to underwater of Ocean. At the years of 2005 to 20007 rest portions was invented with the help of Indian Nevis and Arcologist. They are invented to picked up rest portion of “Dharika Nagari” from “Arabian ocean”. That is proved today’s, the representation of “Dharika Nagari” since about 9000 thousands years ago. 

    Now the present days our Nevis, Arcologist and expertise was found very little bit evidence of  representation at “Dharika Nagari”  since about at in “Acaint” time. Hope they will be trying to complete the solutions of the mistry at too features. 


    The question will be going very top level of science  department that, ” Is alean found on the moon surfaces?? Our scientists and expertise have not to be disagree with this truth,because of there are so many eyewitnesses and proved are representation that to indicating the truth of  ” Aleans are representation  on the surfaces of moon” at still now at todays . I giving thats some etintial evidence and prooved that it will no one can be dinay of this truth,there as bellowing. 

    The years of 2014 – 15, “Appolo-8” Satellite has sended  some mistirious and unexpected footage from the moon surfaces, which was sended at American space center NASA. This pictures was clearly exposed the walking “Aleans” or “Humanoid” on the surfaces of the moon. Our expertise have more cleared that, 

    • Sombody was walking on the moon surfaces. 
    • It was not any ghost and other spiritual powers cases  of  Shadows was detected inclined of somebody. 
    • Expertise was believed to indicated that the possibilities of “Gray alean”  or other “Humanoid”.  

    Others case of “Appolo – 11” Satellite of NASA  was sended those kinds some of very mistirious footage, which any one can believed that the reality of moon surfaces. The footages was detected the “Gray alean” innocently was presented. 

    At “May 2017”  of 11-12, one of the most mistirious objects are detected on the surfaces of moon wich was broadcasted at “You tube” channels. Aleans hunter and our expertise was has been claimed that, the spot will be indicated that the extraterrestrial “Tank” on the moon surfaces. No more can gave any clear and real declaration about the mistry of this footage. How is the possibilities that the “Tank” will be represented that the moon surfaces?? 

    Ours scientists and expertise have to believed that the representation of Aleans, and other external entities on the surfaces of moon. But they can’t be put on the reality of this pictures. Some expertise have to believed that the  unknown airbase was presented on moon surfaces. Hope it will be possibilities that mistry will be opene at too features of the moon. 


    In 30 August 2004, NASA was found a arbon plannet, mistiriously and unfortunately  there is plannet made of solid Dimond naming is “55 Cancri E” . Under the solar system which this plannet is rotating, it keeps the distance from Earth at 41 light years far away. Others plannet of this solar system is “55 Cancri ancri A”, “55 Cancri ancri B”, “55 Cancri ancri C”, “55 Cancri ancri D” etc.  The wich solar system have been rotating continuesly is “55 Cancri”   Our scientists and expertise have to detected that the mass of this planet about 8.63 of Earth mass and diameters is twice of Earth. 

    Zodicaly it is representation to staying that the  “Cancer” Rashi from  our universe. Our scientists and expertise  had to declerated that this  plannet 18 years completely to  rotating of his Sun of own solar systems, means there some different from “Earth”, there one year is equal to 18th of months. And temperature of this plannet is 5373 +-Kelvin. 

    How to the possibilities to casting made by Dimond of the plannet “55 Cancri E? One of the possibilities to give this answers is, The hole plannet was maded by” Carbon” and there are representation  of  lot of “Graphite”. The temperature of this plannet is too much. So tremendous heated with pressured of “Carbon” with “Graphite” is converted at real “Diamond”. 

    But our scientists and expertise have to believed that no way, we will be going of this planet of “55 Cancri E”,case of nothing have to possibilities the making of any spaceship the complete of this distance with speed of light. Also Ours  scientists and expertise have unknown about this plannet. Hope they will be knowning more and more about this plannet. 


    Very mistirious but unknown red plannet is “Mars”. One Acaint Chinese astronomers and scientists has to believed that unknown mass is a “Fire star”. Scientists and expertise have to declared that have to possibilities the representation of “Aleans” at in unknown plant of “Mars”. Here are some of the the biggest unsolved mistiries we have to present in this red plannet. 

    Was “Acaint” civilization was reached at Red plannet “Mars” at the time of stoneage? This pictures was broadcasted at 19 December 2016 while our satellite of found this pictures wich was gone to mission of “Mars”. Our scientists and expertise have not given any true and real declaration about this reality. They was always ignored that with representation of so many justice proof. The scientists of NASA was has not given any proper  justification of this reality,They always neglected to it. 

    On 27 September 2012, scientists of NASA confirm to get the evidence of liquid water on the “Mars” surfaces. The creadits was going to our  scientists “Phoenix lander” and “Curiosity Rover” both are founded that. Both are working on NASA. More information to geted through our satellite the cap of average 2 miles thick and completely melted clouds was covered the Martian surface with about 18 feet of water. There are represented possibilities of Frozen water in the “Mars” surfaces. 

    At in 9 April 2014 was the mistirious photos was sended by our satellite wich is working on the “Mars”. Photo was indicated that a mistirious and unfortunat a light was imitated on the surface of the “Mars”.Our scientists has not declerated the real  caused  of it,so they are unknown about that mistirious phenomenon. Some expertise have to believed that the case of some external intentise was may be represent of there.

    Ours satellite was founded of this mistirious photos on which is working on the “Mars”. Evidence was indicated that the representation of  ET or Aleans are in surface of “Mars”. American space scientists organization NASA was not negligible of this pictures but they could not given any clear declaration of it. There are so  many proved and evidence are there to representation of Aleans at in “Mars”. 

    Ours scientists and expertise have to very little bit knowing about the red plannet of “Mars”. Ours satellite  will more pictures will sending from “Mars” to “Earth”. Hope it will be possibility to getting more and more information from “Mars” at too features. So mistiry will be open that ways.  


    The very mistirious story  was happened to knowed on July 16th, 2008 when a Spanish woman named “Larina Gorcia” posted a comment in an online forum to asked for help. The 41 years old this Spanish woman claimed to have she came from upcoming in a parallels universe. Phenomenon was happened when she had left before going to sleep at night. At others morning she left her alternate reality very mistiriously. Her sleeping bed, official subordinates , identity of boyfriend totally every thing was very mistiriously unfortunately left. 

    Suddenly she was found the case of her problems  with the help of Internet. Internet reply the reasons of her problems that to indicated to gone  “Parallels world”. So mistiriously and unfortunately change her reality of her beautiful life. Our scientists and expertise have accepted the possibility of traveling the “Parallels world”. “Parallels world’s” means relatively two worlds are moving to each other parallely  same or other direction. One of the great example of “Mirror”. 

    But our scientists and expertise have unknown about that how much have to possibilities to someone’s can traveling between two “Parallels world”, wich is moving to each other parallely and respectably, same and different direction?

    Ours scientists and expertise have to believed the traveling of two “Parallels world’s” wich is moving to each other parallely, same or different direction. But  they haven’t give any real declaration about that  , how much have to possibilities about traveling two “Parallels world” respectably moving to each other. “Larina Gorcia” was came from others “Parallels world’s” mistiriously and unfortunately,Can Scientists and expertise have doing any help to  hers? Hope they will finding any solution of it, at too features. 


    The strange and mistirious creatures was found in the desert of “Portugal” in the years of “August” of 2016. When  Very unknownly walk very slowly then it caught in the camera. Our scientists and expertise have to believed that the entities either “Chupacabra”, “Aleans” or have to possibilities “Big foot” and unknown kind of  “Ape man”. 

    The DMS latitude and longitude of “Desert of Portugal”  is 38 degree 44′ 13.0056″ North and 9 degrees 8′ 33.6660″ West respectively. Nearest was very famous city  are there of “Portugal” is “Lisbon”. 

    The mysterious footage was first post on online after few months ago, unplannedly the near about  200,000 viewers was very impressed to that. Our scientists and expertise have unknown about it. Some of believed may be possible to “Chupacabra”, kind of “Ape” and “Big foot”, Some of the given the declerated that the possibilities of “Aleans”. 

    But it is not clear that what is it? And what was the reason to visited there? Our expertise  has  unknown about the reality of strange dessert creatures of “Portugal “. Hope they will have possibilities to solving this at too features. 


    “Dancing plaug ” or “Dance epidemic”  of 1518 was a of dancing mania that occurred in Strasbourg, Alsace. It was the part of “Roman Empire” in “July” in 1518.Around 400 people people’s to dancing for days without rest, and over the period of about one month. One report indicated that for a period the plague killed around fifteen per day. Generally it is one of the unbelievable and unexpected phenomenon happened in that time in “Roman”. 

    The coordinator location of Germany, where dancing plaug was happened is 51.1657 degrees North and 10.4515 degrees East of the world map.  

    Some important features of the dancing plague of 1518 are as following below. 

    • A week before the festival of “Mary Magdalena” in 1518 “Farah Troffea” stepped out her home and star to dance. Her leg took her his way that she dance all day and into evening she collapsed. 
    • As more and more people the street during month of “August”, their leg was jerking in a kind of  macalre dance, the people of the city are frightened. It was estimated that as many as 15 people’s were dying  from the dancing plague each day. 
    • “Parcelsus’s one of the “Physian”, and alchemist to visited “Strasbourg”  in 1526, just a few year after dancing plaug. Incident He became first “Frau trolfea”, and he was the first to use the term “Choreomania” to describe the sickness. 
    • One of the more probable causes of the more probable  causes of dancing plague was stress the dancing plague arrived on the heels of the black death. The stress  may have been case by spiritual guilt with the suffering believing that he or she was being punishment of the God for sins. 
    • France was not only country of offected by the plague. Italy also had out break of the dance mania, but there, they called it tratism. 
    • Records show in 1237, a large number of children were affected with the dancing plague in “Erfurt” Germany.  about 100 children started to this children dancing plaug. 
    • Saint John’s dance was a dance mania overlook “Germany”, near about 1300 immediately the black death. Menand women took to the streets and convulsionlly   dance took the streets and convulsions dance to everyone feels horror. 
    • “Saints vitus’s” dance manias, but it was not a true dance. While saints vitus was the patron Saint of dancers, those  affected with “Saint vitus” Dance had a disease that caused their bodies to Witch body’s are Jerk.

    Famous writers “John waller”  was published the book of ” The dancing plague” at September 2009. It was very mistiriously true story of the “Roman” Empire at years of 1518. Our scientists and expertise have unknown about the motivation of this “Dancing plaug”. Hope it will be the  possibility to solving the mistry “Dancing plaug” of the Germany at 1518.